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The Middleboro, MA practice of Joseph B. Flaherty III, DMD, P.C. takes a patient-centered approach to dentistry. Each individual receives treatment planning considerations that take into account their overall health, as well as their dental health and dental history.  It is our goal to give our patients a higher quality of life by improving their overall health through state-of-the-art oral healthcare.

Dr. Flaherty and our team want you to feel comfortable with your recommended treatment and leave each visit at the office feeling that your needs were met completely. We offer only the best, clinically-proven treatments and services, from simple fillings and cosmetic veneers to implants, implant restorations, crowns, and dentures.

With exceptional knowledge and experience, Dr. Flaherty and our team are here to make your oral health excellent. Contact our Middleboro dental office to schedule an appointment!